EAB Treatments

Preventative Treatments for Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a highly destructive insect that attacks and kills ash trees.   It was first detected in Michigan in 2002 and has since spread widely throughout the northern US states and Ontario.  It has now been confirmed in Hamilton, Toronto, Durham, York, Peel and Halton.  For more information, visit www.inspection.gc.ca.

The government has approved a systemic insecticide, TreeAzin, that has proven effective at protecting healthy or lightly infested ash trees from further attack.  It is recommended that ash trees receive these injections every two years while the EAB threat exists.

The threat from EAB is REAL.  Left untreated, a healthy ash tree will be vulnerable to attack, and eventual death, by the EAB.

Treatment versus removal?  To answer this, one must understand that losing a tree is more than the cost paid to remove it.  It is also the loss of property value, the increased heating and cooling costs, and the priceless loss of shade and sentimental value.

The Tree Specialists Inc is registered service provider of TreeAzin.

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