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Don’t be caught off guard    

As we approach December, who can forget last year’s ice storm?  We had just closed for our annual Christmas holidays and BOOM...ice storm.  For months afterwards, our crews were busy removing and repairing trees damaged by the ice storm. 

Not surprisingly, trees regularly maintained fared far better than those that were never, or seldom, maintained.  The ice storm definitely underscored this message.  As an example, we care for many townhouse complexes in the area hardest hit by the ice storm.  The complexes that maintained their trees through annual fertilizing, insect and disease control and pruning programs suffered minor damage to their trees.  Complexes that did not suffered massive damage to their trees, requiring mass removals and costly repairs to property.  The story held true for our residential clients that regularly maintain their trees:  little to no damage. 

Trees are valuable resources that provide many amenities: reduced cooling costs, cleaner air, faster healing and aesthetic value, to name a few.  Through natural calamities like the ice storm, growth & development, invasive insects and natural aging, our tree canopy is being lessened.  While many replacement trees are being planted, it will take many years to recoup the benefits from those trees we have lost. 

Which brings me to my point: the value of regular tree care should never be underestimated. An arborist can assess your trees and provide recommendations to ensure tree health and vigour.  While tree care is an expense, when measured against the unexpected cost to remove or repair damaged trees and property, it makes sense to invest into regular tree care

Don’t be caught off guard.   If you do maintain your trees, continue on.  If you don’t -START today, call an arborist for a tree assessment and recommendations.  The ice storm’s message is clear: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.