The Tree Experts is proud to be a division of Bartlett Tree Experts, and our staff now has the backing of an international tree-care company and tree research laboratory to help continue providing excellent tree service and shrub care in the Oakville, Ontario region. View a complete list of professional tree services offered by Bartlett.

The PHC Approach

PHC has three main components:  

• Monitoring  • Solutions • Client Participation 

Monitoring – The secret to a successful tree care program is monitoring, as regular inspections allow problems to be detected and managed before they become serious.   As part of our PHC program, our clients receive a detailed site inspection by a certified arborist annually,  and, as we carry out your PHC program, we continue to monitor your trees health throughout the growing season. 

Tree Care Solutions – After our annual visit, our arborists will design a tree care plan unique to your trees needs.   If potential problems are detected, our arborists will develop solutions to remedy the situation.   A variety of tools are often suggested – pruning, fertilizing, watering, mulching, and chemical controls only when necessary.   A summary of all observations and recommendations is given to you, the client. 

Client Participation – PHC involves you, the client.  When designing a PHC plan for your property, our arborists will incorporate your goals and desires.  Our arborists will discuss your PHC program with you, and throughout the growing season, will answer any questions, or address any concerns, you may have.