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Seasonal Tips

Preparing for winter

A cool, wet spring followed by a hot, dry summer created ideal conditions for many diseases to thrive.  

Tip # 1: Rake up and dispose of diseased leaves to prevent the spread of fungus as spores overwinter in the soil.

Heavy snowfalls or ice storms can wreck havoc on your trees and shrubs. 

Tip # 2: To prevent damage to your plants or property, prune your trees to remove dead or diseased branches, remove dead or hazardous trees and tie up cedars.


Evergreen Care

Because evergreens lose moisture from their needles, which are retained year-round, they tend to be more susceptible to dry conditions.  Strong winds during the winter and spring draw moisture from evergreen needles, resulting in needle loss.

Tip # 3:  Water evergreens well before winter, giving them a last soaking after they are fully dormant but before the ground freezes.

Tip # 4:  To protect low-growing plants such as cedar shrubs, junipers and perennials from drying winds, construct a burlap or cardboard windbreak, or erect a snow fence around the plants. The fence will also help capture snow, which provides excellent protection and insulation for low-growing junipers and perennials.